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Monday, August 11th 6-8pm

Kathleen Bradley

Backstage at The Price Is Right is a jaw-dropping, firsthand account of the often salacious and always fascinating behind-the-scenes drama surrounding the #1 game show in television history. As the groundbreaking first black model to join the legendary Barker's Beauties.

Sat, August 16th 12-3pm

Greg Burnham
Marcus Williams

Is the truth worth the trouble? In this story, a six-year-old, baseball loving child with a vivid imagination has a tough decision to make. His imagination causes him to engage in a forbidden act--baseball in the house!

Sat, August 23rd 1-4pm

Dr. Brian L. Bolden

Utilizing Differentiated Instructional Strategies to Reduce Classroom Discipline Challenges and Improve Student Achievement.


Sat, August 23rd 2-5pm

W. James Dennis



Sat, August 30th 2-5pm

Vern E. Smith

“The best street novel I ever read until now was Little Caesar. The Jones Men exceeds it in importance. The Jones Men is a work of art. —Richard Condon, author of The Manchurian Candidate

This streetwise novel chronicles the rise and fall of Lonnie Jack, a twenty-six-year-old Vietnam veteran and mid-level heroin dealer itching to knock the powerful Willis McDaniel off his perch as the number-one drug kingpin. It plunges the reader into the subculture of addicts, dealers, and corrupt cops as Lonnie Jack's bold and methodical challenge builds to a frightening climax.


Medu Bookstore
Greenbriar Mall
2841 Greenbriar Pkwy. SW,
Atlanta, GA, 30331

Medu, meaning “the power of the word,” is the second largest African-American owned bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia. Since December 5, 1989, it’s owner, Nia Damali has maintained a high level of customer service and satisfaction to not only the Greenbriar Mall

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