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Thursday, Nov 13th 6-8pm

W. James Dennis

Sat, Nov. 15th 2-5pm

Sevyn McCray What Da Lick Read? 2 & More Titles
The long awaited sequel to "What Da Lick Read? The Triple Cross". Questions are answered and even more arise as blood is shed on the streets of Atlanta. Coach K and his family are out to find out who is wreaking havoc on his family. As more and more unfolds, no one trusts no one and everyone is suspect. Will Gorgeous and Honesty be found safely? Will K.J. finally come to his senses? Will Killian be the same without Leigh at his side.... Can Sam and Ponchees get this family out of all of this trouble? Who will be left standing in the end? Is the Beautiful disaster finished or is she just getting started. Find out "What Da Lick Read" too."




Sat, Nov. 15th 2-5pm

Julian Beyah Madyah

"I am not ashamed of
my grandparents for
having been slaves.

I am only ashamed of
myself for having at
one time been ashamed."

Ralph Ellison


Medu Bookstore
Greenbriar Mall
2841 Greenbriar Pkwy. SW,
Atlanta, GA, 30331

Medu, meaning “the power of the word,” is the second largest African-American owned bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia. Since December 5, 1989, it’s owner, Nia Damali has maintained a high level of customer service and satisfaction to not only the Greenbriar Mall

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Our 23rd Pre-Anniversary Signing on Sunday, Nov. 23rd 3-5pm
Hosted by the Buckhead/Cascade City Chapter of the Links